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Start Creating

Take her on a crafting adventure!

Spark her creativity and pass on the love of crafting to the next generation. When you sign her up for the Creative Girls Club, she’ll receive TWO craft kits each month filled with materials and instructions for a fun new project! She’ll be introduced to a variety of techniques and skills she can use again and again. Start her on a brand new crafting journey she’ll love!

Convenient Delivery

TWO new kits will be shipped to her home each month, providing a steady supply of crafting adventures and creative new challenges to immerse herself in.

Kit Materials

Each kit contains kit materials and easy instructions with clear step-by-step photos so she can jump right in!

One-of-a-Kind Projects

Watch her pride, confidence, and creative ability grow along with her crafting skills! With TWO new projects each month, she’ll love showing friends and family the techniques she’s mastering and fun things she’s making.