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  • Learn a new craft or indulge in your favorite.
  • Be inspired by convenient monthly craft kits.
  • Make something meaningful to keep or share.

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Crafts are never just crafts.

When we sit down to do a project, what we’re really doing is creating something beautiful. What begins as a collection of materials becomes something entirely new once we put our hands on it, coaxing it into a different form.

How we choose to spend our time matters. At Annie’s, we believe in making something meaningful with our time—something tangible and lasting in a world of fleeting moments. Our craft subscription kits are designed to deliver this opportunity to your doorstep, month after month.

We may not be able to package concepts like beauty or fulfillment, but we can give you all the tools you need to create it for yourself.

What Others Have to Say

“I'm thrilled with my membership and look forward to several more years of receiving your superb kits! I love crafts of all kinds and love to try things, so this provides me a wonderful opportunity - having it come each month is an added bonus! Keep up the good work!”

Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club Member

“Although I know how to crochet, I learned something in the beginning basic first step. It teaches you lots of stitches. I have been enjoying it.”

Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club Member

“I couldn't be more pleased, and from the quality of the materials to the clarity of the instructions, it was such a pleasure to make! I look forward to receiving my next kit, and making my next project!”

Simply Beads Kit-of-the-Month Club Member

“Each kit is better than the last. So much fun!”

Creative Girls Club Member

“I received one shipment already!! ... Can't wait for them to come in now!!! ... It's like Xmas every month!”

Fat Quarter Club Member