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Christmas Ornament

Kit Club

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About This Kit

From the mantel to the tree, to the presents beneath, you can make this Christmas extra-special with unique, handmade ornaments. Start a new tradition of crafting memorable decorations and sharing heartfelt creations.

Annie’s Christmas Ornament Kit Club is a monthly subscription that sends you the supplies and instructions to craft new ornaments for your tree. Create up to 6 beautiful ornaments every month with each shipment featuring a new design and fun technique. Try crafts like painting, stitching, macramé and more while filling your tree with handmade treasures.
Each kit includes instructions and all the specialty materials needed to create up to 6 ornaments. You will only need common household supplies such as scissors, glue or a ruler. You may also need a hot-glue gun.
These kits are all rated Beginner and do not require any amount of crafting experience to complete. We hope you learn lots of new crafts and techniques!
You will receive a new shipment about every 4 weeks through the Postal Service.

Annie's Christmas Ornament Kit Club does not automatically end your subscription after a specific number of shipments. You will continue to receive a new kit every month until you cancel. You are free to stop your subscription at any time.